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About Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair is an international conference for publishers, writers, producers, illustrators, and translators around the world. It takes place annually in Bologna, Italy and is known for its Translators Center that can translating your book into any language.

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Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the largest international book fair in Europe, but did not have a way for users to interact with the conference, connect, and did not have an organized way to view events offered. Additionally, the book fair needed to update their current logo.


To design a user experience product that allows users to connect to an attendee social network, to set up a rewards based interactivity in the conference connected to the mobile app, while having access to conference schedule, panels, and exhibits.

Identifying a need.

  • what do users need in an app for conference connectivity?

  • How MIGHT I generate activity for the conference through this product?

These are some of the questioned I asked myself in the planning phase of the project.

To begin, I began researching other conferences and how they encouraged interactivity with attendees and on the exhibit floor. I found some examples of conference using special 3D glasses that interact with exhibits that show hidden setups through the lenses. I found rewards systems based off purchases or checking yourself into events and panels.

What I felt these lacked were immersion, I wanted something that was like a game or a puzzle to fit the sense of wonder, yet also using the product to document and record to a user profile that would record points and where activity could be shared on a social network.


-product that gives clues to areas of conference and rewards user when finding it

-How could I manage that traffic and create interactivity between the conference and an app?



I created some personas of fictional users that would help me formulate an idea of how to tackle some of these ideas.

Artboard – 4@2x.png
Artboard – 5@2x.png


Initial Prototyping + User testing.

Artboard 19.png

Early prototyping + testing shown some problems, but room for opportunity. Based on user feedback:

  • Initially a dashboard that used icons that took the user to each section the app was tested, users found that a dashboard that laid out the features all on one page was easier to feel like there was a ‘home’.

  • Alternatively, riddles shouldn’t be crammed into one layout, but easy to navigate in some way that made it easy to go back and forth.



Mood board.

While maintaining a sense of wonder and color was important to reaching a book fair audience that is geared to professionals of all ages, a simplistic and flat approach to color and form was going to be the best route to branding the conference and producing new key art and a refined logo.


Solutions + Features.

Keeping the brand traditional but with a modern and clean approach, while mixing a sense of wonder and playfulness, a style was created in alignment with these qualities.


As a gathering for the worlds largest book conference for publishers, writers, and translators, combining the symbol of speech, a speech bubble, with a book not only gives a clever icon, but a shortened acronym ‘BCBF’ that could be used across different medias and advertisements. The logo needed to maintain a sense of traditional book typography keeping a serif typeface, Merriweather.

newlogoArtboard 1.png


A bold typeface, Poppins, easily legible on multiple screens, used for titles and descriptions, elegant yet well rounded. Paired with serif typeface Merriweather, it’s bold and quirky forms give a sense of tradition but room for playfulness.

Artboard 28.png

Color Palette.

Inspired by bright and vivid colors that reflect adventure, youth, and positivity.

Artboard 27.png

Mobile Design.

Personal profile mockup.

Homepage mockup.

User social feed mockup.

These mockups are an overview of attendee’s personal account, dashboard with activities, and social newsfeed. This is where you can connect with friends and see their conference activity.


Floor Explore Feature.


Tap to select a riddle.

Solve, and take a photo of hidden barcode found at exhibit to receive points.

Points are shown on profile, feed, and used to redeem items in the merch store and book panels.

The purpose of this feature in the app is to keep the conference attendees moving around the conference floor and discovering new exhibits by rewarding user for solving riddles.


Mobile Design Recorded Prototype.


Key Art.

Used throughout the conference, print items, web and mobile, this recognizable character becomes the branding of the conference. It gives personality to Bologna’s conference and fits the theme that attracts their audience.


Desktop Mockup.

Giving users a sense of submersion, the hero image is a whimsical approach appropriate for the feel of the conference.



Stylistic sea creatures, and other fantastical vector images populate the webpage. Key speakers, the city, and the activities featured are all featured on the homepage.


Conference Badges.


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