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About Earth Ethic.

Earth Ethic is an E-Commerce OUtdoor EQUipment manufacturer with its main focus is raising awareness of harmful products being made in most waterproofing materials, and selling only high quality and smart alternative products.

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Drawing inspiration from trails and organic forms in nature and paired with a bold typeface and the opportunity to work with the double E’s in the name, this logo gives an informative and clean voice to a quality and purposeful outdoor manufacturer.

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Nearly all participants did not know outdoor equipment companies manufacture gear with chemical perfluorinated compounds, (PFC for short), which is used for inexpensive waterproof material, but is a recently discovered carcinogen, and extremely pollutant to the environment, people, and animals in it.


To create and brand an e-commerce company in an informative approach, reaching mid to older age audiences and their families.

To design a mobile app and website with great usability for the best e-commerce experience, and raise awareness of the harmful PFC chemicals being made in most outdoor gear.

Identifying a need.

  • what do users need in e-commerce browsing and shopping?

  • How MIGHT I raise awareness of PFC being made in products?

These are some of the questioned I asked myself in the planning phase of the project.

To begin, an online survey was conducted and over 90% of participants did NOT know about PFC chemicals in most waterproofing gear, or if there were alternative sources to purchase instead.

Additionally, 81% of participants answered yes to paying a little more for outdoor products if it meant keeping the environment safer!


-social media seems likely outlet for raising awareness and using as a marketing technique. Possibly a rotating featured user section on website/mobile. #earthethic; #wheresyourearthethic

-I started researching user based design decisions for best practices for e-commerce companies, and online ordering to help me create the best experience possible for the user.



I created some personas of fictional users that would help me formulate an idea of how to tackle some of the problems for this project.

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Initial Prototyping + User testing.

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Day Hiker Product Selected.png

Early prototyping + testing shown some problems, but room for opportunity. Based on user feedback:

  • Add to cart feature was overwhelming user

  • Viewing product on product page as a silhouette would be difficult to view the the actual item

  • silhouette feature dividing space is too busy and distracts the user



Solutions + Features.

Based off feedback, a more subtle UI element of a silhouette was added throughout the desktop and mobile. A sleek ‘add to cart’ feature that animates to the right of the screen and gives a cleaner experience for the user.


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Color Palette.

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“Taking steps towards renewable and eco-friendly gear.”


Thank you for viewing my project!

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