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Home of the rarest gemstones in the North American continent.



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About Emerald Hollow Mines.

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Brushy Mountains, North Carolina, The Emerald Hollow Mine is the only emerald mine in the world open to the public for prospecting. It is recognized as one of the most unique and interesting geological locations on the North American continent.

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Traffic and tourism to the location of these mines in North Carolina were limited to region or state without an app available or a way to reach new audiences. In addition, no clear map or guide to navigating the property, and exploring activities is available.


To design a mobile app that helps increase tourism to the mines by giving a great user experience into what to expect before they arrive, encourage interact-ability by creating a customizable map feature, and to showcase the specific gems that can be prospected, and organize all the activities that the mines offer.

Identifying a need.

  • how will users find this mine app? or why would they download? or Want to visit the mine?

  • what do users need in an app design to stay engaged with a product or service offered?

These are some of the questioned I asked myself in the planning phase of the project.

To begin, I began researching the mines, what activities it offers, and what makes this mine a great place to visit. I began researching the area, what type of people attend and generally who is their audience? And how could I bring in a younger audience and increase tourism?


-What are some ways I can make a gem mine an interactive experience?

-How might I encourage tourism by reaching a younger audience and generating interest in the app?


I created some personas of fictional users that would help me formulate an idea of how to tackle some of these ideas.

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Artboard – 5@2x.png


Initial Prototyping + User testing.

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Day Hiker Product Selected.png

Early prototyping + testing shown some problems, but room for opportunity. Based on user feedback:

  • Map gets a little distracting when adding points/locations, hard to see what exactly user is going to get.

  • Dashboard feels clean but feels like too many steps to view general information to the mines.

After prototyping, I also discovered there is no importance to a ‘user profile’ for this app. The goal is to increase tourism to the mines, and create an interactive experience that encourages attendance. A user profile is more appropriate for a socializing app.



Solutions + Features.


These particular mines in North Carolina are known for their rare strains of emeralds. Drawing inspiration from the Emerald’s vibrant color and structure, a beveled geometric typeface was incorporated to support the playfulness and wonder of the mines.

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A slab-serif typeface that can encompass a multi-faceted range of planes for dimension and color was necessary to suit the beveled typeface in the logo. Together with a modern serif typeface, create a modern approach to a historic activity.

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Color Palette.

The depth of the colors found in a raw emerald, and an earthy dark plum to balance the weight of the greens and reflecting the darkness and immersion of caves is the driving inspiration for this color palette.

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Mobile Design.

Login and sign-up screen.

Dashboard - this showcases the mines activities like sluicing, the shop, and the mine map feature.

Weather - an extra feature added to accommodate users as weather is an important aspect to traveling and planning outdoor activities.

Overview of personal account, dashboard with activities listed, and look at the newsfeed. This is you can connect with friends and see their conference activity.


Mine Map Feature.

Tap any area on the map to see an area where gems are mined. (Areas are color coated by gemstone color)

You can view areas of gemstones, add to your personal map, and view it for later.

When you think you’ve mapped out where you want to go, you can download, or print it out.

This feature was chosen to encourage tourism by giving user a great feel for the location and what it offers, and accommodates travelers in event that signal being unpredictable in underground areas.


See how it works.

Recorded using Adobe XD.


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